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Welcome to True Amazons! The group for art depicting women as strong, tough, dominant, or courageous... but tastefully.

Basically, the point of the group is this: Empower Women. There are tons of other groups on DeviantArt that are full of naked, huge-breasted bimbos for male audiences. The other half of the population wants a break!

You don't have to be a woman to join this group, but you do have to respect the way women feel when they view your art. Girls, this is YOUR turf. Guys, you are welcome to stay, as long as you behave yourselves. :)

THE RULES - Please read before submitting art:

• All art must be ON-TOPIC, meaning that their main focus is a woman, and this woman must be powerful or inspiring (see below for more details). Just because there is a woman in the picture does not automatically mean it's on-topic.

• All characters must have REALISTIC body proportions and anatomies, and realistic body poses. Cartoons are allowed, but "Escher girls" and erotic monstrosities are not.

• Keep it CLEAN. We don't want people coming here just to ogle at boobies. Please, no porn, lewd pin-up, fetishized sexual body parts, etc. Any nudity must have a non-erotic justification. Guys, trust us: if you designed your female character just to make men horny, women can tell.

• ABSOLUTELY NO art or comments that are degrading to women, anything that portrays women as weak or helpless, violence against women, women as prisoners or slaves, women in bondage, women being abused, impending rape scenes, "peril" art, Gorean art, or art that portrays women as victims.

• All submissions must show reasonable artistic and presentation QUALITY. No unfinished or poorly-presented art, faint sketches, quick doodles, blurry photos, drawings on lined paper, rough pencil sketches, or very novice artwork. Colored art is preferred; uncolored art should be well-shaded or otherwise obviously complete.

• Watch out for REDUNDANCY. Please only submit one version of each piece, ideally the most complete version. Also please try to avoid submitting sequence series.


UPDATE: What *IS* On-Topic?
Art submissions MUST fall into one of more of the following categories. If it does not, then it is not on-topic and we will not accept it!

* Fan art or cosplay of known strong female characters from popular culture, mythology, or history

* Warrior women, women who are holding weapons, wearing armor, or kicking butt

* Women who demonstrate remarkable physical strength, athleticism, or a muscular body

* Women who possess (preferably demonstrate) formidable magical powers, i.e. witches and sorceresses

* Women who display dominance or authoritative power

* Deviant ID's of female group members; or if you are a guy, photos of women who you know in real-life who you look up to (submitted with their permission, of course!)

* Women displaying other qualities of strength or toughness not listed here; i.e. mastering the elements, flying a jet, saving someone's life, befriending dangerous animals, making an important political statement, etc.


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Some US cities are now celebrating Indigenous People's Day instead of Columbus Day on the second Monday of October.  In honor of Indigenous People's Day, here is some information about some True Amazons from Native American history:


One of the most famous Native American women of all.  She provided invaluable aid to the Lewis and Clarke expedition and is one of only two women to be honored on US currency.


Native American Women Leaders

"The American Indian women leaders of the past are remembered and honored in many different ways. Some have towns or schools named after them, others have plaques or statues. Books and stories have been handed down through the generations.  Their work, their knowledge, and their deeds have been passed on to the daughters and granddaughters who will continue to remember them."…

Warrior Women………

Matrilineal societies

"Europeans were astonished to see that Cherokee women were the equals of men—politically, economically and theologically."


Wikipedia's giant list of famous Native women:…

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!
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AWESOME group and art gallery. I hope the best for you all and the remarkable artists that make this tribute to our beloved women possible. Will be +watching.
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