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Welcome to True Amazons! The group for art depicting women as strong, tough, dominant, or courageous... but tastefully.

Basically, the point of the group is this: Empower Women. You don't have to be a woman to join, but you do have to respect the way women feel when they view your art. We want pictures of role models for women, not soft porn for men. There are tons of other groups on DeviantArt that are full of naked, huge-breasted bimbos... but that's not what this group is about. Girls, this is YOUR turf. Guys, you are welcome to stay, as long as you behave yourselves. :)

THE RULES - Please read before submitting art:

• All art must be ON-TOPIC, meaning that their main focus is a woman, and this woman must be powerful or inspiring (see below for more details). Just because there is a woman in the picture does not automatically mean it's on-topic.

• All characters must have REALISTIC body proportions and anatomies, and realistic body poses. Cartoons are allowed, but "Escher girls" and erotic monstrosities are not.

• Keep it CLEAN. We don't want people coming here just to ogle at boobies. Please, no porn, lewd pin-up, gratuitous thong-shots, erotica, women fighting each other naked, or artwork specifically fetishizing sexual body parts. Any nudity must have a non-erotic justification.

• ABSOLUTELY NO art or comments that are degrading to women, anything that portrays women as weak or helpless, violence against women, women as prisoners or slaves, women in bondage, women being abused, impending rape scenes, "peril" art, Gorean art, or art that portrays women as victims.

• All submissions must show reasonable artistic and presentation QUALITY. No unfinished or poorly-presented art, faint sketches, quick doodles, blurry photos, drawings on lined paper, rough pencil sketches, or very novice artwork. Colored art is preferred; uncolored art should be well-shaded or otherwise obviously complete.

• Watch out for REDUNDANCY. Please only submit one version of each piece, ideally the most complete version. Also please try to avoid submitting sequence series.


UPDATE: What *IS* On-Topic?
Art submissions MUST fall into one of more of the following categories. If it does not, then it is not on-topic and we will not accept it!

* Fan art or cosplay of known strong female characters from popular culture, mythology, or history

* Warrior women, women who are holding weapons, wearing armor, or kicking butt

* Women who demonstrate remarkable physical strength, athleticism, or a muscular body

* Women who possess (preferably demonstrate) formidable magical powers, i.e. witches and sorceresses

* Women who display dominance or authoritative power

* Deviant ID's of female group members; or if you are a guy, photos of women who you know in real-life who you look up to (submitted with their permission, of course!)

* Women displaying other qualities of strength or toughness not listed here; i.e. mastering the elements, flying a jet, saving someone's life, befriending dangerous animals, making an important political statement, etc.


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While it is technically still March and still Women’s History Month, I would like to share a list of unsung heroines who made vital contributions to science and the STEM fields in general.

When people think of great women in science, they usually think of MARIE CURIE.  Curie was the first woman to ever win a Nobel Prize.  And in fact, she is the only person ever to win Nobel prizes in two different fields – Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911.  Her discovery of the radium atom allowed for great advances in the applied use of radioactivity.

You may also know of ADA LOVELACE.  When Charles Babbage invented the world’s first computer in 1837, called the Analytical Engine, Countess Ada of Lovelace was the sole member of his research team.  Lovelace developed the first algorithm for use on this computer, and she is often described as the world’s first computer programmer.  

But did you know there were also many other True Amazons in science?   Few of them get frequent mention in the classroom, and some were outright snubbed for their achievements during their lifetimes.  But they existed, and some of them are:  

ROSALIND FRANKLIN – A biophysicist and X-Ray crystallographer who played a crucial role in understanding the molecular structure of DNA.  In fact she is said to be the first person to ever produce images of the DNA strand helix structure, in 1953.  Unfortunately, these images were shown without her permission to two male colleagues, James Watson and Francis Crick, who during her lifetime took 100% of the credit for her discoveries.  Franklin would have been eligible for a Nobel Prize, but died prematurely.

NETTIE STEVENS – A geneticist from the turn of the 20th Century.  In 1905, she was the first scientist to make the fundamental discovery that the female sex chromosomes are XX as opposed to XY, and that this is the biological basis of the sexes.  Later this concept was described in the writings of Thomas Hunt Morgan, who is often incorrectly credited for this discovery.  

HEDY LAMARR – Working with her colleague George Antheil, Lamarr invented a form of frequency hopping spread-spectrum communication.  This technology was originally intended for the military use of radio-controlled torpedoes, but it was also a necessary precursor to modern wireless communication technologies, including Wi-Fi and BlueTooth.  Lamarr was also a glamorous actress in the 1930’s through the 1950’s, and most people only remember her for her beauty and not her brains.

ESTHER LEDERBERG – A microbiologist who discovered a bacterial virus called the Lambda phage, discovered methods of gene transfer between bacteria, and invented replica plating, an important technique used in the measurement of bacterial growth.  These discoveries were groundbreaking in her field.  Although Lederberg was a member of several scientific societies, Stanford University where she worked neglected to give her credit for her discoveries.

EMMY NOETHER – An early 20th Century mathematician who greatly advanced the field of abstract algebra and also contributed to theoretical physics.  Among her achievements she proved Noether’s Theorem.  Albert Einstein called her the “most significant” mathematician of her time.  She did receive a prestigious award for her achievements in 1932; however it was considered long overdue, and the university where she worked never promoted her to full professor.

CHIEN-SHIUNG WU – A Chinese-born American physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project.  She helped to develop a method of separating Uranium isotopes, among other innovations, which were crucial to the Project.  Her discoveries also overturned a then-popular scientific theory called the Conservation of Parity.  Wu’s male colleagues received a Nobel Prize for these discoveries in 1957, but her name was left out.

LISE MEITNER – One of the world’s greatest nuclear physicists in WWII, she discovered nuclear fission along with her colleage, Otto Hahn.  Hahn claimed sole credit for this and he alone received the Nobel Prize for it in 1944.  Meitner also first discovered a phenomenon known as the Augur Effect in 1922, which is named after Pierre Victor Augur, who made the same discovery a year later.

JOCELYN BELL BURNELL – The astrophysicist who discovered the pulsar, a type of neutron star that emits radio waves as it spins rapidly.   In 1970, the prominent astrophysicist Iosif Shklovsky told her she made “the greatest astronomical discovery of the twentieth century.”  Yet in 1974, the Nobel Prize for this discovery went only to her thesis supervisor, Antony Hewish, and another scientist named Martin Ryle.

Other True Amazons in science include Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Mildred Dresselhaus, Dorothy Hodgkin, Henrietta Leavitt, Mary Anning, Alice Catherine Evans, Stephanie Kwolek, Mary Leakey, Jane Goodall, and many others.  Learn about all of them and more at:……
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